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Hello, my name is Amanda and I'm a 23 year old uuuh... OH GOD WHAT AM I. (I'm kidding I'm a translator. I guess.) This here is a personal blog.

Expect to see:
- Art-related posts
- Animation stuff, specially Disney and Ghibli
- Adorableness
- Funny posts
- Fandom posts
- Horror-related posts, specially asian horror movies
- Posts regarding sexual orientation/identity issues, feminism and anything more serious I feel the need to share.
- Horror movie reviews by me


“The saddest Disney death for me (minus Old Yeller) is not Mufasa, but Ray from Princess and the Frog. He’s a Disney sidekick, and you never kill the sidekick, so it’s shocking. Plus, you get to know him way better than Mufasa.”

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