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Hello, my name is Amanda and I'm a 23 year old uuuh... OH GOD WHAT AM I. (I'm kidding I'm a translator. I guess.) This here is a personal blog.

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*wrings brain out*

*half a thought falls out*

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Okay dont judge me to much for this lol. I let Aladdin play while I was working on stuff and well, I like Jafar and Iago and I started thinking about their past. If thats ever explained in any of the movies I dont remember it.

So anyways, heres a quick crappy sketch of a slightly younger Jafar and his new baby parrot Iago. He’s teaching him to talk :-)

(I am so lame, I’m sorry lol)

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if you have a pet and i’ve ever visited your house: i’m sorry

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Periods are really not that bad. At worst, they’re an inconvenience. You’re a little uncomfortable, your stomach might hurt every now and then, you could feel a bit down or cranky, but that’s it. I’m sick to death of hearing people complain about the unbearable pain and agony they suffer through every month. If your period and the symptoms that come with it are truly so bad that you are literally unable to move or are throwing up, GO TO THE DOCTOR. Your period is not compulsory, you can go on the pill or other medications to control it or block it altogether. And quit campaigning that women should get the days of their period off school or work - women have been getting on with their lives, period or no period, literally since the beginning of man.
Also, stop complaining about ruined clothes - BLOOD RINSES OUT IN COLD WATER.

Lol. Ahahahaha…

you tell that to the people who have PCOS


This is hilarious.

And yeah, why don’t you come say that to someone with PCOS? We’d have some lovely words.

Five bucks says this was written by a dude. Because, holy crap, I can’t believe another chick would be that insensitive about something a friend of hers most likely goes through.

My period a few months ago was literally so horrible that I had to crawl on the floor to get around the house and I was sweating because of how much pain I was in, even WITH STRONG PAINKILLERS. Wow.

Your period is not compulsory, you can go on the pill or other medications to control it or block it altogether”


Why the FUCK do you think that women fight so hard for birth control pills? And for it to be covered by health insurance? Not only is it our fucking choice on if we want to have sex or not, but without birth control, I am in AGONY for 3-4 days out of 7 and cannot go past an hour without needing to go to the bathroom to change things. 

I’m lucky enough that birth control controls my period. I don’t have any conditions like PCOS that make my period worse, I’m just on the end spectrum of “your period is normal, but its gunna suck” For others, they need birth control so that it doesn’t feel like someone’s ripping their uterus out and gnawing on it and instead feels more like someone just stabbing them repeatedly so that they can THEN go on heavy painkillers to try and deal with the pain. Also, side note: most side effects of heavy painkillers make you seriously groggy and they don’t want you to drive. 

Another side note, my roommate has epilepsy. Now i don’t know jack squat about epilepsy, but she’s told me that sometimes her cramps are so bad that it can trigger a seizure. She’s woken up a couple of times from the pain, only to have a seizure and throw up. If you knew this was a possibility, would you go outside where this could potentially happen in front of a lot of people/on stairs/WHILE DRIVING or would you take a day off and do your work at home where you can better control it? Periods don’t just cause cramps and whatever, they can trigger other conditions to act up as well WHICH CAN BE SERIOUSLY DANGEROUS.

Pretend women have completely free access to birth control and its covered by health insurance. My roommate can’t use traditional birth control because it completely negates her seizure meds, so there’s drug interactions that women have to deal with too. What if you’re allergic to the medicine? What if it causes even WORSE side effects than the symptoms you had before? 

I’m not even going to bother explaining how “feeling a little cranky” begins to cover it. Periods mean hormone surges which means various mood swings as your body balances everything out to make sure that your uterus is functioning properly. Hormone surges affect moods. Some girls get more of a surge than others. Some girls are just more sensitive to these hormonal changes than others. 

Most of the time us “feeling a little cranky” is us flabbergasted at the absolute ignorance that people like you have and the rage at the “oh you’re mad, you must be on your period” like our anger is only justified if we’re on our period and isn’t valid (but thats a whole other issue)

As for blood rinses out in cold water? How about when you leak onto your jeans in the first hour of school? Are you suggesting that I go to the bathroom and rinse out my jeans on cold water, and then go to class the rest of the day with a WET CROTCH? Because I’m not gunna have enough time to sit with my pants under the hand dryer until they dry. 

Blood doesn’t even always rinse out in cold water, more just rinses out in cold water. It depends on the fabric, and you have to rinse it RIGHT AWAY. Most of the time girls wake up with their periods, after the blood has been there for HOURS. So there’s underwear, pants and potentially sheets stained because you didn’t even know your period even started.

Don’t even get me started on the fact that in order to keep the blood clean and off clothes is that we have to buy expensive pads or tampons, which are either basically diapers that you have to sit in and feel like you pissed yourself all day and worry about leaking, or a wad of cotton that you shove up in your vagina and worry about leaking.  

And yes, women have been “getting on with life” for as long as we’ve had periods, because we’re BADASSES. We are TOUGH and we are STRONG. But women in the past have also wanted to take breaks due to periods. Don’t try and fool yourself into thinking that in the past women were just like “Oh it appears i’ve gotten my period” because a spot of red appeared on their undergarments AND THATS IT. No. They went through the same thing but most of the time had to be like “well FUCK” and tough out the day, and then cry from the pain in private. They would want a break then just as much as we do now. 

Before making sweeping statements like this, why don’t you crack open a human repro book and actually look at the female side of it, and all of the problems and complications of periods that are DOCUMENTED.

And if you are a female instead of a male, OP, count yourself blessed that you think periods are easy to deal with. You could have had it so much worse.

Reblogging again because YO^^^

mom: ok u wait in line i forgot to get the milk

me: ok




me: mom where are you please

me: mom please the line is moving fast

me: mom i cant breathe where r u it's almost my turn

employee: next



me: faints

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biggest plot twist of my childhood

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Sea turtlemaid babies make their trip to the sea.

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this guy is systematically undoing the world

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#I can hear this gif

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you can buy your very own .PDF pattern and instructions to make this shiba guy from my etsy shop!!

Also, to celebrate my first pattern available for purchase, i am going to have a giveaway for the tan shiba in the above picture. This guy:




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  • winner will be chosen by a random number generator
  • giveaway ends saturday, march 15. (it’s a quickie!) 
  • also, tell everyone you know who might be interested in that pattern! 
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