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Hello, my name is Amanda and I'm a 23 year old freelance translator recently graduated in Visual Arts. This here is a personal blog.

Expect to see lots of useless crap.
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that one character everyone loves but you just like


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because a lot of people dont seem to get this:

  • golems are from jewish folklore. dont treat them like a generic fantasy creature, thats appropriative
  • kabbalah is a specifically jewish religious tradition. dont practice it if youre not jewish and dont use kabbalah symbolism as generic occult stuff, thats appropriative
  • for the record if it has hebrew on it and it doesnt have anything to do with judaism its probably appropriative
  • dont wear a magen david if youre not jewish, its used as a symbol for judaism so wearing it if youre a gentile is appropriative
  • while im at it heres a rundown of some terms you should know
  • goy: hebrew and yiddish for non-jewish person, it literally translates as “nation.” the plural form is goyim. goy is not a slur.
  • gentile: english for non-jewish person
  • anti-semitism: you probably know what this means but i just want to point out that the word anti-semitism was NOT coined by jews but by a german anti-semite who wanted a more scientific-sounding alternative to “judenhass,” which literally translates to “jew-hatred” so please shut up about how arabs are also semites. we know.
  • if you’re not jewish you should also avoid using the word “jew” since many jewish people are uncomfortable with it (though i personally am fine with it). use “jewish person” instead if youre a gentile

please reblog this if you’re not jewish, i almost never see gentiles acknowledging cultural appropriation of judaism and anti-semitism on tumblr, even among people who otherwise pay close attention to such issues

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also, a gentle reminder:


It is not unusual to be bad at things you just started and don’t understand.

I see a lot of people ready to quit after one or two tries at something, and then when they see that I’m good at those things, they think I must have been born with my talent.

I wasn’t. I struggled for years and I did things that weren’t always helpful and I didn’t know enough to understand why they weren’t working. But I kept trying and I kept learning and eventually I became “good” at it.

(Sometimes becoming better at something means you have to learn and admit that you were wrong about the way you were doing it before.)

Struggle isn’t a sign that a task cannot be accomplished. It doesn’t mean you weren’t meant for something just because it’s hard. It’s okay to think something is difficult and keep trying anyway. Don’t be afraid to make an effort.

And if you find that after you’ve done the work, you still aren’t good at something…that’s okay too. You don’t have to be good at everything — nobody else is. Just remember not to put down anyone else who is trying just because it turned out not to be for you.

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satire is “I’m going to take this concept to an extreme or absurd level in order to demonstrate how bizarre/nonsensical/illogical it is” and not “I said something bigoted but just kidding I didn’t really mean it hahaha”

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I’ve got a friend and they mean a lot to me.

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My time has come

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yugichrist whispered,

hey you know those photos of trees where it looks like they have a big round human ASS, that's a tree disease right, what's it called





if it’s what I’m thinking of, those are called Burls if you’re murrican or Burrs if you’re from pretty much literally anywhere else

It’s less of a disease in itself and more like a sign of a disease.  Usually fungal infections fuck up the tree growth and cause them

People actually steal them sometimes because some of them are super valuable.  They make really cool looking carved stuff and are really dense.

what the fuck. they just chop the ass right off a tree and sell it to the tree ass black market. that’s brutal

That’s… Yeah, that’s actually pretty accurate.

People have actually been arrested for it and redwood national park gets blocked off at night because people stealing and selling tree ass on the black market is such a big problem

requesting backup for a 376 in process, that’s right we’ve got a tree ass jacker here

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How Well Do You Know Your OCs




send me a number 1-60 and i’ll answer the questions with one of my OCs

1: What’s your OCs favorite color?
2: Where does your OC work?
3: What’s your OCs favorite food?
4: Does your OC prefer paper or plastic?
5: How old is your OC?
6: Does your OC have any supernatural powers?

like no one really knows my ocs but hey if ur curious~

my ocs r @ !

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